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Poll: Biden Job Approval Rating Falls to 38 Percent

A recent poll by Quinnipiac University shows that President Biden continues to be in a very bad position with the American public, with the survey showing that only 38% of Americans approve of his job as president while 53% disapprove of his performance as President.  The survey shows that the president is underwater across the board, with key demographic groups disapproving of his work in general and also in the issues.

The poll, conducted between October 1st-4th and that surveyed 1,326 U.S. adults, showed that the President’s approval ratings have decreased from the 42% it received in the previous Quinnipiac poll three weeks ago. Quinnipiac is not the only poll that has Biden underwater, with a similar YouGov/The Economist poll also showing that more Americans disapprove of the president (48%) than approve (44%).

Biden’s decline in popularity has become particularly sharp over the last few months, with the president going in the Fivethrityeight’s poll aggregator from a net approval of 7% on August 7th to a net disapproval o 4% on October 7th. Compared to recent presidents, Biden’s approval ratings are lower than Obama, Clinton, and both Bush presidents at this same time, Biden’s approvals at this stage of his presidency are only above Trump’s.  

The fall of Biden’s popularity ratings coincided with the Fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban (Image: EFE)

Americans do not approve of how Biden is handling the issues

 According to the Quinnipiac poll, the American public disapproves of the way Biden is handling a large variety of key policy issues: COVID response, the economy, foreign policy, taxes, immigration, and the situation at the Mexican border.

The issue where the President is best positioned (or doing less badly to be more accurate) is that of the handling of the coronavirus, where Biden is only receiving net disapproval of 2%, with 50% disapproving and 48% approving of his job. In comparison, Biden received a 53% approval on his handling of COVID in the Quinnipiac poll in August.

The respondents also disliked the way the President is handling the economy, which is being threatened by volatile inflation figures, with 55% of Americans disapproving the way Biden is handling the economy and only 39% saying he is doing a good job. The numbers are similar in taxes, with 54% disapproving and 37% approving.

Migrants pray near the Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana Mexico (EFE)

Biden is doing even worst on foreign policy, with only 34% of Americans thinking he has done a good job in the international arena and a whopping 58% saying he is doing a bad job, astonishingly, even 20% of Democrats say he is not doing a good job in foreign policy. This is a sharp decline from his numbers in early August when the American public was evenly divided on the issue, of course, that poll was taken just a few weeks before the chaotic Afghan withdrawal that came after the fall of Kabul.

However, the worst couple of issues for the Democratic president are those of immigration and the Mexican border where the President is finding that two-thirds of the American public disapproving of the way his administration has handled the issue, with 67% of respondents disapprove of the way Biden has handled both immigration and the situation at the Mexican border.

The administration is also getting bad numbers with Democrats in these questions, with only 51% and 50% of Democrats approving of the way the president has handled immigration and the situation at the Mexican border respectively.  

Latino voters are turning on Biden

Another data trend that should be worrying Democrats in the White House and at the national level is that of the increasing animosity from the Hispanic-American population towards the current president. The Quinnipiac poll has a majority (51%) of Latino respondents disapproving of Biden’s job until now and only 42% of Hispanics saying the President is doing a good job.

Even worst for Democrats is that 40% of Latinos respondents said that they “strongly disapprove” of the President’s job while only 17% say that they “strongly approve” of Biden’s performance. Hispanic apathy to the President is repeated on all the policy questions asked during the survey, including both immigration and the response to the Mexican border.

The bad numbers of Biden within the Latino community might be a good start for the GOP to consolidate the inroads it made with Hispanics in 2020 (EFE)

Biden might fight consolation on the fact that he is not doing as badly with Hispanics in other polls, with the YouGov/The Economist survey showing that only 37% of Latino respondents disapprove of Biden’s job. However, even in this poll Hispanic support for the president is not rock solid, with only 44% of the surveyed saying they think the president is doing a good job. Meaning that Latinos are, in the best of cases for Democrats, a crucial voting bloc that is up for grabs for either party.

On the flip side, Republicans might be looking at the growing apathy of the Latino voter towards Biden as a perfect opportunity to consolidate the gains the party obtained in the Hispanic community during the 2020 election.   

Daniel is a Political Science and Economics student from the University of South Florida. He worked as a congressional intern to Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) from January to May 2020. He also is the head of international analysis at Politiks // Daniel es un estudiante de Cs Políticas y Economía en la Universidad del Sur de la Florida. Trabajo como pasante legislativo para el Representate Gus Bilirakis (FL-12) desde enero hasta mayo del 2020. Daniel también es el jefe de análisis internacional de Politiks.

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