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Poll Gives Peruvian Communist Pedro Castillo 12-Point Lead Over Fujimori

El comunista Pedro Castillo saca 11 puntos de ventaja a Fujimori en presidenciales de Perú, según encuesta

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Communist candidate Pedro Castillo is 12.4 points ahead of conservative candidate Keiko Fujimori in the second round of Peru’s presidential elections on June 6, according to a new poll released this past Sunday.

The poll, carried out by the Compañía Peruana de Estudios de Mercado y Opinión Pública (CPI) and published by the private channel Panamericana Televisión, indicated that 35.5 % of the citizens would vote for Castillo and 23.1 % for Fujimori.

Thus, both candidates are separated by 12.4 percentage points, less than the 20-point difference reported by the survey of the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) published this morning by the newspaper La República, which gave Castillo 41.5 % support, almost double the votes obtained by Fujimori (21.5 %).

According to the CPI, six weeks before the ballot, 20.3 % would leave their vote blank or annul it, while undecided voters reach 17.7 % and 3.4 % would not vote at all.

Castrillo dominates in rural areas

Peru Libre’s unionist teacher obtains great support in the interior of the country, where he reaches 38.9 % of preference in urban areas and 61.5 % in rural areas.

By regions, Castillo also shows solid support, with 40.2 % in the north, 41.2 % in the south, 56.9 % in the center, and 36.7 % in the eastern Amazon. Meanwhile, Fujimori receives 19.4 % support in urban areas and 13.8 % in rural areas.

The Popular Force candidate is supported by 23.2 % in the north, 11.9 % in the south, 12.1 % in the center and 22.2 % in the east.

Peruvians’ voting intention, however, is reversed in Lima and Callao, where Castillo obtains 19.3 % of preference, twelve points less than Fujimori, who obtains 32 % of support.

Peru looking to communism?

The CPI poll also detailed that 85.1 % of the supporters of the pro-Fujimori candidate say they are “very sure” of their vote, while 13.8 % could change it between now and the day of the ballot.

In the case of Castillo, 89.6 % say they are convinced, compared to 10.1 % who could change their candidate.

Commenting on the survey, Omar Castro, general manager of the CPI, said in declarations to Panamericana Televisión that the support to the candidate for Perú Libre is “quite convinced,” although his rival could conquer votes of the undecided “with a strategy that today seems not to be very adequate.”

According to Castro, “it is clear” that the campaign “in one case is working and in another it is not.”

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