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Eduardo Bolsonaro: President Bolsonaro Went to Russia Because Putin Invited Him, While Biden Didn’t

El presidente Bolsonaro fue a Rusia porque Putin lo invitó mientras Biden no lo ha hecho: Eduardo Bolsonaro

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CPAC is the largest conference of conservative activists in the United States. El American was there during the four days of this meeting, which took place in the midst of a dramatic international context, having Putin invading Ukraine. We spoke with the most voted congressman in the history of Brazil, Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the current president of that country, Jair Bolsonaro. We asked him about different topics, and especially about the meeting that took place a few days earlier between the Brazilian president and Vladimir Putin.

Our conversation began with questions related to President Biden’s foreign policy and his relations with Latin America. Congressman Bolsonaro said that the American president should have a closer relationship with the region. He stated that his father has already said several times that he would like to have a closer relationship with the United States. He assured that the Brazilian government does not care if the American cabinet is more of a right or left-leaning position, because the two countries have many “cultural similarities” and recalled that the USA has always been Brazil’s biggest trade ally in history, until 2009, when China started to be the number one. “The opportunities are there, we need political help to get closer to each other,” said Bolsonaro Jr.

A few days before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine began, President Bolsonaro met with his Russian counterpart, which, of course, it caused a great deal of criticism. When we asked the deputy about that meeting, he replied:

Someone asked me why Jair Bolsonaro went to Russia and not to the United States and I answered: because Putin invited him and Biden did not. It’s almost two years into the Biden administration and there hasn’t even been a call between both presidents. This situation can easily be improved so both parties get closer to each other.

Brazilian Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro

We also asked him if at this moment the president of Brazil supports Putin. He answered that Bolsonaro went to Russia to deal with trade issues that were already on his agenda and that, unfortunately, in those days tensions started to escalate. Bolsonaro Jr. added that the Brazilian government wants to have good relations with Russia and Ukraine, and besides, he highlighted the statements of the Brazilian ambassador to the UN in defense of Ukraine.

“We voted alongside the United States for sanctions against Russia because what is really going on is an invasion.”

Brazilian Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro

When asked about Biden’s foreign policy and why the United States should pay attention to Latin America, the most voted congressman in the history of Brazil said that in addition to the issue of freedom, there is a migration problem.

He pointed out that Latin America is suffering the biggest migration crisis in its history due to what is happening in Venezuela. About 15% of Venezuelans have left (around 5 million people, which directly affects the United States). Bolsonaro Jr. explained that if that were to happen with Brazil, we would be talking about approximately 30 million people trying to enter the United States fleeing hunger and persecution. “That’s why the U.S. should look to Latin America and be more aware of the region to create strong trade policies to generate employment.”

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