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Producer Prices Rose 11.2% From a Year Ago in March: Highest in History

Precios de producción subieron un 11,2 % interanual en marzo: el valor más alto en la historia

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Producer prices in the United States for raw materials and other supplies rose 11.2% year-on-year last March, the highest figure recorded since this index began to be calculated in November 2010.

As reported Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Producer Price Index (PPI) experienced in the third month of the year a strong growth, above those experienced in the previous three months (all of them between 10 and 10.3%.)

Prices rose by 1.4% compared to the previous month, five-tenths of a percent higher than the 0.9% recorded in February.

Excluding food, energy, and commercial services — the most volatile items — yearly inflation stood at 7%, while monthly inflation (i.e. from February to March) was 0.9%.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI, what the final consumer pays) soared in March to 8.5% — six tenths above that of February — which is the highest record of consumer prices since the end of 1981.

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