Project Veritas demanda a CNN por difamación

Project Veritas Sues CNN for Falsely Claiming it Engaged in Misinformation

Project Veritas is accusing CNN of falsely claiming the company’s social media accounts were banned for spreading misinformation

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James O’Keefe announced Tuesday that Project Veritas sued CNN in Federal Court in Atlanta, Georgia for alleged defamatory statements made on-air in connection with videos published by Project Veritas, in which a CNN worker claimed that the channel had participated in a campaign to damage and smear then-President Donald Trump.

According to the complaint filed, CNN anchor Ana Cabrera said on air that the suspension of Veritas from Twitter was part of a “broader crackdown by the social media giants against accounts that were promoting misinformation.”

Project Veritas further details that Cabrera also tweeted earlier that the Twitter ban was the result of alleged privacy violations. “Which shows that he knew what he subsequently reported was false.”

Project Veritas sues CNN
(Photo: Project Veritas)

Similarly, Project Veritas recalled that this lawsuit follows the company’s legal victory against The New York Times, defeating the newspaper’s motion to dismiss in the New York Supreme Court.

Project Veritas sues CNN: Why did they do it?

CNN technical director Charlie Chester confessed in a video that was secretly recorded and disseminated by Veritas, that the channel made propaganda to affect former President Trump in the elections and celebrated that they managed to prevent Trump’s reelection.

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The videos trended on the platform with the hashtag #ExposeCNN. “Look what we did, we got Trump out. I’m going to say it 100%, and I believe 100% that, if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know if Trump would have been eliminated,” Chester said in the audiovisual.

The day after the platform published the videos, Twitter suspended the account of its founder, James O’Keefe. The company did not detail the reasons for O’Keefe’s suspension.

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