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Taliban Reintroduce Public Executions Across Afghanistan

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Executions returned to public squares in Afghanistan. The situation is generated after the seizure of the territory by the Taliban group. This Tuesday they exposed the bodies of three alleged assailants.

According to the vice-delegate of the Taliban regime Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Muhajir, the subjects had tried to enter the property of an individual in the district of Obe. This was reported in El Mundo of Spain.

Several citizens expressed their indignation over what had happened. Many said that because of this type of barbarity they reject the Taliban. Meanwhile, others criticized President Joe Biden’s policy towards this group.

“In Herat, until recently one of the most liberal cities in the country, the executioners found no better scaffold than a bulldozer. From the shovels of two of them hung on Tuesday, in front of a large audience, the bodies of three alleged assailants,” wrote the Spanish media.

Meanwhile, a member of the Taliban explained that the action was allegedly taken to show citizens that criminals are not safe in that country under their power. “The aim of this action is to alert all criminals that they are not safe,” an unidentified Taliban commander told the AP in an on-camera interview conducted in the square.

Taliban takeover

In August, the Taliban seized control of Afghan territory. From that moment on, it began to apply its own rules throughout Afghan society. Similarly, the newspaper El Mundo details that women are the most affected by these measures.

“Afghanistan is turning into the Wild West. The only difference, if any, is that here the rustler is the authority. Those who impose the greatest brutality rub shoulders with the international community that let them take control of the country,” the newspaper points out.

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