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Putin Threatens Anti-War Russians; Calls Them ‘Scums’ and ‘Traitors’

Putin amenaza a la población: "A los miserables y los traidores (Rusia) los escupirá como a una mosca que entró en la boca"

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The Kremlin said today that anti-war Russians will disappear from society on their own amid tensions caused by Moscow’s military invasion of Ukraine.

“Many people project themselves, speaking in Russian, as traitors. In such difficult times and emotional situations as the current ones, many people show their essence. They themselves disappear from our lives,” he stated.

Commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks the day before about a “fifth column” in Russia, Peskov assured that the process of “cleansing” of society takes place by natural decantation, “some violate the laws and are punished for that in correspondence with the verdicts of the courts.”

This Wednesday Putin lashed out against the West, which he accused of “betting on the so-called fifth column, the national traitors”, and assured that all peoples, and especially the Russian one, “always know how to distinguish the true patriots from the scums and traitors and will spit them out like a fly in the mouth.”

According to the Russian president, this is a “natural and necessary process of self-cleaning of society,” which will only strengthen the country.

The Russian authorities have responded by passing a law that punishes with heavy fines and prison sentences the dissemination of “false information” about the Armed Forces and calls for sanctions against the country.

Putin’s statements have revived in Russian society the fear of the ghost of the Stalinist purges, a trauma that lingers despite the fact that almost seven decades have passed since the death of the Soviet dictator.

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