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‘Rampant’ Woke Culture Alienates Latino Vote: Fmr. Democratic Senator

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Gloria Romero, a former Democratic senator from California, said that the “woke” policies of the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden are alienating traditionally liberal voters, especially Latinos, and encouraging an exodus to the Republican Party.

In an interview on Fox & Friends, the former Hispanic lawmaker expressed her “extreme disappointment” and sent a message of widespread discontent to the governing party.

“I represented one of the most Democratic Latino districts in California, East Los Angeles, and whether we are Cuban Americans in Florida or Mexican Americans in South Texas, Nevada or here in California, we are sending a very powerful message to the Democratic Party that enough is enough” Romero said.

The former senator believes that today’s Democratic Party “does not come close” to the values of the majority of voters, as it is mired in “rampant Wokism” and has moved away from the policies promoted by President Obama’s first administration.

When questioned about the Latino values that are being undermined by the official party’s turn towards the woke agenda, Romero pointed out that the Latino community is traditionally entrepreneurial, “interested in prosperity”, patriotic and values the traditional conception of the “American dream.”

The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI) agrees with Romero. According to their data, Latinos in the U.S. own more than 350,000 businesses, generating three million jobs in the economy and contributing nearly $2 trillion to the U.S. GDP. In addition, Latino businesses have grown more than any other demographic in the last 10 years, at a rate of 34%. In addition, more and more Latinos are owning a house.

“We are very interested in making sure that the Democratic party, or any party, stands for opportunity, freedom and the ability to achieve the American dream,” Romero insisted. “Not to receive a handout, but to have a fair shot at achieving that dream if we work hard.”

The Latino vote will “surprise” in the elections

According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, President Biden’s approval rating among Latinos has dropped to 26%, 12 points down in less than a month.

Romero believes that Americans “will be surprised” in November by the number of Latino voters who will cross party lines and trust the GOP with their vote, given that today it stands for the same traditional values of their community.

“Increasingly, over time, we’ve seen the decline of Latino support at the top of the ticket,” Romero said about the issue. “More and more, Latinos are understanding that we have alternatives,” adding that the GOP faces the “challenge” of embracing Latino values now that there is “no absolute dominance” by Democrats over their community’s vote.

“We’re basically free agents,” she continued. “I think the November election and then the 2024 election is really going to change the political situation in America. I say look at the Latino vote and address what matters to us, because what matters to us is what matters to Americans, so we’re not asking for anything special.”

What the Latino community is asking for, Romero said, is the “restoration of common sense” in politics that represents the United States and that has been completely lost in the liberal ranks.

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