Operación VAMOS contra “Woke”

GOP, NRSC Launch Project to Win Hispanic Vote in Midterm Elections

The project is aimed at listening to Hispanics and learning about their needs

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The Republican Party is focused on having Hispanic voters play a key role in the upcoming November elections when they will try to retake the U.S. Senate. To that end, its campaign arm announced a new multi-million dollar outreach plan to address issues such as border policy, the economy, and education.

It is a project called “Vamos,” and is being promoted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Originally shared with CBS News, the initiative will aim to win the Hispanic vote in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The decision is made because, for example, in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, Latino voters make up at least 20% of the electorate. According to CBS, “Vamos” will focus on political activities such as door-knocking, canvassing and other specific programs. In that regard, some 20 NRSC staff members will be deployed in these nine states.

“Florida Senator Rick Scott and NRSC chairman, told CBS News he anticipates Republicans will see better Latino turnout this year than in past midterm elections. He argues that the current political environment favors Republicans and that the economy and immigration are issues that have moved voters away from Democrats,” CBS reported.

The Republican Party’s commitment to Hispanics

Senator Scott assured that his intention is to listen to Hispanics and propose projects that will improve their quality of life. “For me, the most important thing for Republicans to do is to go out and talk to Hispanics across the country and listen to them. And not do it in the last four weeks of a race, but do it throughout the race. And you’ll hear what matters to them,” he said.

In December 2021, the senator had explained in a conversation with Vanessa Vallejo, editor-in-chief of El American, the reasons why Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party.

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“They believe in what we believe in. They believe in faith, they believe in freedom. They believe in family. And so do we. They’re Republicans, we’re like-minded. So it’s happening, as in my case. Republicans are reaching out to Hispanics, they are winning the Hispanic vote, like I did,” he said.

Finally, it was learned that the NRSC will work in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, which is also working hard on Hispanic voters and has invested millions of dollars to organize and mobilize them.

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