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Republicans Condemn Hamas for Acts of Terrorism Against Israel

Demócratas se dividen entre apoyar o no a Israel ante ataque terrorista de Hamas

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Congressman Carlos Gimenez, (R-FL), is pushing a resolution in the House to condemn Hamas for acts of terrorism against Israel and to increase U.S. support amid the conflict in the Middle East.

“Whereas Hamas began firing rockets at the Israeli capital of Jerusalem and surrounding areas belonging to the Jewish people of Israel,” begins the resolution the congressman is leading.

These efforts by the Republican come after Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned the position of Joe Biden’s administration to support Israel. The Biden administration asserted Wednesday that Israelis have a right to defend themselves from Hamas attacks.

“Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory,” the president said.

In response to the White House position, Ocasio-Cortez said that making such statements without taking into account the Palestinian side of the story is “wrong.”

Calls to condemn Hamas

“Blanket statements like these w/ little context or acknowledgement of what precipitated this cycle of violence – namely, the expulsions of Palestinians and attacks on Al Aqsa – dehumanize Palestinians & imply the US will look the other way at human rights violations. It’s wrong,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

Republicans ask to condemn Hamas for its terrorist attacks against Israel

Likewise, the Democrat said that Hamas’ actions are reprehensible. However, she maintained that Palestine has human rights that must be respected. She also accused Biden of promoting “false ideas.”