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Poll: Majority of Republicans Believe Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump

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The majority of Republicans believe that Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2020. Likewise, more than 55% believe that Joe Biden’s electoral triumph was due to irregularities in the electoral process, according to the latest Ipsos opinion poll.

It is a national survey carried out from May 17 to 19. It also indicated that 53 % of the Republicans and 3% of the Democrats polled say that Donald Trump is the “real president”. While 25% of all Americans believe that Trump won the election.

Also, the report explained that a quarter of adults think that the November 3 election was affected by illegal voting.

Finally, the figures show that approximately 28% of all Americans and 59% of Republicans have the perception that the election was rigged with illegal votes. Despite the results, 67% of respondents overall say they trust their city election officials to do their job honestly, including 58% of Republicans.

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