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Rising Gas Prices Could Lead to Rationing, Expert Warns

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Gas prices have continued to rise in recent days. This week in California it reached a new record average of $6.02 per gallon, leaving the other states behind and affecting the national average, which already exceeds $4.5 per gallon.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), California fuel prices two days ago were between $5.72 and $6.76 per gallon in that state. According to AAA data, all states have now averaged above $4.00 per gallon. The increase is mainly due to the high cost of oil, which is around $110 per barrel.

Gas rationing

In view of the situation, Steven F. Hayward, political analyst, and researcher warned in an op-ed published in the New York Post that the increase could lead to gasoline rationing or price controls, something he described as a misguided policy.

“It is trying to impose new regulations on hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas production, even though cheap natural gas from fracking has been the largest factor in reducing US greenhouse gas emissions over the last 15 years because gas became cheaper than coal. No matter: Environmental fundamentalism hates fracking, so Biden wants to strangle it,” Hayward wrote.

In the op-ed column, Hayward lists a series of decisions by Joe Biden’s administration to rein in the industry that, he believes, will not lead to a solution in the face of rising prices. “Plans for rationing will come as night follows day,” he said.

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