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Rumble and Locals Team Up to Take on Big Tech

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Video platform Rumble and content subscription service Locals teamed up to take on Big Tech. The intent of the alliance is to allow citizens to express themselves and create content without regard to the cancellation culture.

“We are building the rails to a new tech ecosystem that will responsibly free everyone from the restraints of editorial control,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski.

Locals provides industry-leading audience data that allows creators to better understand their audience’s behavior. Creators can quickly see what content is effective in driving engagement.

Locals has more than 1 million active users, while Rumble has more than 40 million.

Rumble and Locals’ strategy

The two platforms will maintain their own websites, according to Washington Examiner, but will share their online communities and data operations to allow users to enjoy a host of new features while promising few content restrictions and higher margins for content creators than those offered by Big Tech platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

“Becoming part of Rumble will give Locals’ creators new opportunities to expand their audiences while retaining control of their data. Both Rumble and Locals believe in the importance of allowing creators to express their opinions, interact with their supporters and make money from subscription,” said Assaf Lev, CEO of Locals.

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