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Russia Threatens to Cut U.S. Relations If Support for Ukraine Continues

Rusia amenaza con cortar relaciones con Estados Unidos si mantiene su apoyo a Ucrania

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riabkov said today that the United States must stop creating threats to Russia if it wants to maintain relations with Moscow.

“The approach of what needs to be done to maintain relations is undoubtedly correct. They need to simply stop their escalation, both verbally and from the point of view of gorging the Kyiv regime with weaponry,” Riabkov told a group of journalists, quoted by the Interfax agency.

The deputy minister added that it is also “necessary to stop creating threats to Russia.”

“If (the Americans) manage to exert some positive influence on Kyiv, which I not only have doubts about, but I am convinced that regrettably, it will not happen, I think there would be certain prospect for normalization of relations,” he noted.

According to Riyabkov, Moscow at the moment observes a “downward trend” because of the United States in relations with Russia.

On Monday, Russia submitted a note of protest to the American ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, over “unacceptable” statements by President Joe Biden about his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Moscow said Biden’s statements, “unworthy of such a high-ranking statesman, brought Russian-American relations to the brink of rupture.”

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