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Savannah Craven: People Call Me a ‘White Supremacist’ For Not Supporting BLM

Savannah Craven: People Call Me a 'White Supremacist' For Not Supporting BLM

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Recently El American attended the Student Action Summit 2021, an event organized by Turning Point USA, and Anna Paulina Luna had the opportunity to talk with Savannah Craven, a young activist and conservative singer.

Craven, who composes rap and likes politics, decided to combine her two passions to write a song called: Be like Candice and Black Victor, among others.

The singer and songwriter went to New York University to pursue a degree in musical theater and met liberal feminist women who later became part of Black Lives Matter (BLM). What she didn’t imagine was that this group would cause riots in downtown NY and commented that she was shocked with what she saw, “I cannot sit back and just watch this happen.”

In this regard, Anna Paulina asked her if she felt attacked for being a black woman who disagrees with the whole BLM movement, and she responded that she did.

“People call me a white supremacist, which doesn’t make much sense, they call me a racist, they’re like black card revoked, just, it’s crazy […]. Yes, it’s white liberal people telling me that I’m oppressed,” she stated.

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Savannah Craven announced on El American’s that she wrote a song called Black Victor, which is about the BLM movement and “how it’s lying to black people.”

This conversation is part of a series of interviews that El American’s staff conducted at the event organized every year by Turning Point USA. For more follow us on our YouTube channel.