Escocia anuncia el fin de todas las restricciones contra el covid para marzo

Scotland Halts All COVID-related Restrictions

Citizens will no longer be required to use face masks or show vaccine cards in indoor spaces

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Scotland will end the use of vaccine passports starting next week and mask mandates by mid-March, Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the regional chamber today as she presented her strategy for “living with” COVID-19.

Sturgeon announced a gradual return to normality, in which hygiene and vaccination will prevail over social restrictions, which will end on March 21 with the end of the mask mandates on public transport.

Within this roadmap, the first step will be the end at the end of February of the vaccine card for attendance at indoor events, such as concerts, recreational halls, or nightlife, thus joining the rest of the UK, where it was no longer mandatory.

Sturgeon stated that this new approach is due to “vaccination” and “good behavior in society,” so that the restrictions “are not so necessary.”

In its approach, the Scottish Government sets three types of levels, low, medium, and high, to respond in the future to the pandemic, which “is not over yet,” Sturgeon told MPs, to “avoid overreaction,” based on scientific data.

This new classification will be applied from now on, placing Scotland at a “medium-level”, which is expected to go to “low” in the “coming weeks”, so it will be possible to downgrade to “recommended” the use of masks in “public transport and other indoor locations,” planned for March 21.

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