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‘Americans Want Secure Borders’: Rep. Yvette Herrell

'Americans Want Secure Borders': Rep. Yvette Herrell

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Yvette Herrell is a congresswoman who began her career having in mind the conviction to work for the citizens. Before starting her political career, she dedicated herself to being an entrepreneur and owned several businesses. Therefore, she says that she knows the importance of individual effort to achieve the development of society.

In 2010, Herrell challenged incumbent 51st District Republican State Representative Gloria Vaughn in the June 1 Republican primary. Herrell won with 846 54.2 percent of the vote.

In an interview with Anna Paulina Luna, El American chief correspondent, Herrell said that she was born into a home with Christian values, which motivated her to fight for the defense of migrants, for the promotion of secure borders and to work for all Americans.

“People want a secure border”: interview with Congresswoman Yvette Herrell

She assures that she is serious about defending the people over politics. However, she is aware that many times some politicians distance themselves from what citizens are really experiencing.

“I was a state representative for eight years before I ran for Congress, so that gave me a great understanding of the nuances of the state,” Herrell said.

The congresswoman understands that Americans are currently facing inflation, which makes her recognize that citizens’ problems must again be put first in order to be solved.

“Americans are struggling to put food on the table, to buy gas and I’m really sad that we’re putting people in second place and that we’re putting everything else in the first place,” she said.

“Secure borders,” says Yvette Herrell

she added, “That’s why I have stood up to secure our border, to get people back to work, get our economy going, protect our oil and gas; and also protect our agricultural industries.”

patrulla fronteriza - 'Americans Want Secure Borders': Rep. Yvette Herrell
Yvette Herrell works to promote secure borders for Americans. (EFE)

Finally, she commented that Americans demand secure borders, but she also explained that having the right immigration policy is beneficial for those migrants who choose to come to the country legally.

“People want a secure border. What is happening is not fair to those people who came to my district through the right path and came to our nation legally.”

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