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‘Thank You for Your Heroic Effort’: Senator Durbin to Juan Guaidó After End of Interim Govt in Venezuela

"Gracias por su heroico esfuerzo": senador Durbin a Juan Guaidó tras fin del interinato, EFE

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Senator Dick Durbin sent a message of thanks to opposition leader Juan Guaidó for making efforts to achieve democracy in Venezuela during his tenure with the interim government.

Through the social network Twitter, Durbin gave in his tweet the “thanks for your heroic effort to bring democracy back to Venezuela after many years of criminal misrule”.

He went on to say how proud he was to have met him during his visit to the country.

Durbin’s words of support come after the figure of president in charge disappeared by decision of the National Assembly in 2015, arguing that the purpose of the interim presidency failed. The objective was to achieve the cessation of the usurpation of power by Nicolás Maduro, as well as the realization of a democratic transition.

End of Juan Guaidó’s interim government

Guaidó’s leadership with the interim government, created in 2019 by the same National Assembly that decided to end it, received the backing of at least 50 countries, including the United States.

After learning of the decision, the opposition leader expressed his opinion on the matter. “Today Venezuela loses and the dictatorship celebrates. To annul the presidency in charge of Venezuela is a leap into the void”.

“It is necessary to return to the Constitution, a constitutional figure cannot be destroyed while being able to preserve it, beyond Juan Guaidó. It is necessary to continue assuming on the ground the competences of Article 233 generated from the power vacuum caused by the dictatorship”, he mentioned.

Likewise, he promised Venezuelans a 2023 of unity and thanked them for the trust placed in him during his four years of leadership.