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Should Biden Give Concessions to the Cuban Regime?

¿Biden debe darle concesiones al régimen cubano?

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THE RECENT MEASURES taken by President Joe Biden, with which he would be revoking some sanctions issued by past administrations against the Cuban regime, could allow this regime to have access to millions of dollars. In light of this, Julio M. Shiling spoke with attorney Nicolás Gutiérrez, former president of the South Florida Water Management District and a specialist in the recovery of litigation and compensation for properties stolen from Cuban Americans by the dictatorship.

Gutiérrez explained how different administrations, whether Democrat or Republican, have fought to deprive the Cuban regime of resources to maintain their power. For this reason, he expressed his hope that the Biden Administration would make similar decisions and would not go down the road of giving concessions to the Castro regime.

¿Debe el Gobierno dar concesiones al régimen cubano? Entrevista a Nicolás Gutiérrez

The Cuban Regime and Title III

Similarly, both the lawyer and Shiling agreed on the importance of the Helms-Burton Act and Title III promoted by the administration of former President Donald Trump. According to the, at the time, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, both of those mentioned above would be announced and fully implemented against Cuba by May 2, 2019.

The lawyer insisted on the need to go ahead with these measures to contribute to the struggle for the freedom of Cubans and also to protect Cuban-Americans who have been victims of the dictatorship. He also recalled the contacts that the current Democratic Government has maintained with regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, so he considers that these approaches have not only been given to talk about issues such as migration but also as a wink to these dictatorships.

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