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Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez Visits U.S., Meeting With Biden Remains Unknown

Presidente del Gobierno español llega a Estados Unidos pero no será recibido por Biden

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The Prime Minister of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, will make a tour of the United States, although he will not be received by the American President, Joe Biden.

The socialist leader, Sánchez, began the agenda of this tour, which after New York will also take him to Los Angeles and San Francisco, with an interview on the program “Morning Joe” of MSNBC.

The journalist who conducted the interview asked the Chief Executive the reasons for his tour and why he had not included a visit to Washington to meet with Biden.

PM Sánchez stressed that the objective is economic since, after the pandemic, Spain is defining its road map for the modernization of the economy, and for this he would like to count on the investment of the private sector in the United States.

“That is why we are here,” he said before recalling that he is going to meet with representatives of the main investment funds.

Pedro Sánchez said that it is difficult to talk about the economy and not link it to the coronavirus pandemic and reviewed Spain’s current situation vis-à-vis COVID-19.

In this context, he stressed that Spanish society has not rejected vaccination, that the short-term objective is for 70 percent of the population to be vaccinated by the end of the summer, that the main problem now is among young people and that recovery can only come from vaccination.

At the last NATO summit, Sánchez was ridiculed by part of the Spanish press, as his political and media allies wanted to sell an informal hallway crossing between Biden and the Spanish head of government as if it were a bilateral meeting.

Now, Pedro Sánchez is arriving in the U.S. country, but it is not in the American president’s plans to receive him.