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Woman Raped for Wearing Conservative Party T-Shirt

The woman reported that after the assault, the men released her and shouted “don’t ever wear that shirt again”

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A Spanish woman denounced last September 24 that a group of Maghrebi immigrants beat and raped her with a stick for wearing a t-shirt of the conservative VOX party. The incident took place in the town of Reus, in the province of Tarragona in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain.

According to the portal OKDIARIO, the victim, Judith Martín, suffered physical pain after being violently introduced into a van, where three subjects beat her and sexually abused her, leaving heavy bruises on her face, back and legs.

The victim showed OKDIARIO images of her physical injuries (OKDIARIO, Twitter)

Police sources have indicated that the victim was walking down the street wearing leggings, sneakers and a black tank top with the VOX logo on the front, when she was aggressively rebuked by the subjects, who shouted at her to take off her shirt or else “they would do it.”

Although Martin tried to escape, the subjects grabbed her by the neck and, despite her resistance, the perpetrators stripped her naked while they beat her and consummated the sexual assault.

The complaint indicates that, after receiving strong blows to her face and head, the victim lost consciousness. After the assault, the subjects released her and threw her out of the van shouting “don’t ever wear that shirt again.”

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Martin indicated to the police that the aggressors were speaking Arabic among themselves.

VOX denounces “moral turpitude” in the Ministry of Equality

Faced with the scandal of the event, a journalist from the Spanish media Estado De Alarma TV rebuked the Minister of Equality and wife of former Vice President Pablo Iglesias, the communist Irene Montero, asking her if she condemned the violence against Vox supporters and, specifically, her opinion on Martin’s complaint.

The response of Montero, who constantly issues speeches advocating for believing rape victims, was not in favor of the victim but against VOX.

The communist minister responded to the reporter who “condemns fascism” and suggested that Judith Martin’s complaint is “fake news”. She also attacked the media for “trying to take advantage” of the information to “normalize the discourse” of VOX.

VOX spokesman in Congress and Vice Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the party, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, referred to the response of the communist Montero as a “moral turpitude.”

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