Spoilers Free: Modern Love, una serie sobre amor y esperanza

Spoiler Free: ‘Modern Love’, a Series About Hope That Has Survived Woke Culture

In the last Spoiler Free Twitter Spaces, we talked about one of the series of the moment that has not been usurped by wokeism

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In the latest Spoiler Free program for Twitter Spaces, Vanessa Vallejo talked with Ignacio M. García Medina about one of the series of the moment, Modern Love. With the premiere of its second season on Amazon Prime last August 13, this series has established itself as one of the most critically acclaimed and valued by the public.

For the Spoiler Free’s live show, we had co-editor-in-chief Vanessa Vallejo for El American, who chose this series to discuss the various high-interest topics it deals with, beyond the simple love stories it tells.

The series is based on the real love stories told in a column in The New York Times, which have now been fictionalized for an Amazon Prime series of self-contained chapters starring big stars and well-known faces of cinema such as Anne Hathaway, Andy Garcia, Catherine Keener, Dev Patel, Kit Harrington or Tina Fey.

The first season has the city of New York as the protagonist of all the chapters, telling in each of them a different love story, reminiscent of Woody Allen’s films. Intimate stories, somewhat atypical or curious situations, simple, but not superficial, and it addresses complex issues in an endearing way.

As Vanessa pointed out, the series touches on such controversial and debatable issues as abortion, adoption, loss, guilt, forgiveness, redemption, and even mental health. And it does it all in an elegant, serious way that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth and even a smile after each episode, despite the dramatic nature of some of the situations. It is a series that invites hope.

Lately, we are used to witnessing this type of story being invaded by woke culture and, in fact, it is rare to see in the cinema expensive productions of the romantic comedy genre, due to the usual criticism generated from these groups, having moved this genre to streaming platforms, with a much more segmented audience.

spoilers free modern love
Modern Love. (YouTube)

Thanks to this series format, Modern Love is able to explore different types of relationships without falling into forced diversity or inclusion. This is why we’ve recommended it in El American’s Spoiler Free.

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Every Thursday, at 8 p.m. ET, on El American‘s Twitter account, Spoiler Free is live-streamed, where recommendations for movies and analyses of series are made.

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