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Star Wars or Star Woke? Disney Introduces Transgender Jedis

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Lucasfilm and Marvel, both owned by Disney, have officially confirmed Ceret and Terec, twin Jedis, as the first non-binary transgender characters in the Star Wars universe.

The revelation of their sexuality has been in issue #6 of The High Republic, a series of Star Wars comics published by Marvel, which were launched not only with the intention of expanding the universe created by George Lucas, but also with the stated goal of focusing on “diversity and representation.”

Framed in the period of “The High Republic”, which takes place some 200 years before the events narrated in the movie Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, this new series of adventures focuses its attention on issues such as feminism, gender ideology, critical race theory and other Marxist ideologies.

Following this political agenda, and on the occasion of the Transgender Awareness Day, celebrated last March 31, it has been confirmed that these characters, Ceret and Terec, two Jedis who are twin brothers and are connected by the Force, are also non-binary gender transsexuals, which has raised quite a lot of criticism from many fans of the galactic saga.

Many feel that Disney’s eagerness to politicize the franchise is negatively affecting the quality of the stories in the Star Wars universe, and even jeopardizing the continuity of one of the most important and influential works of popular culture.

The fact that Disney seems to put its political agenda above continuity, character consistency and respect for the lore of the Star Wars universe is causing the franchise to lose its influence and popularity.

Since Disney bought the franchise created by George Lucas, enthusiasm for the saga has been waning, and many blame it on the woke culture.

As an example of how feminism affects the saga, we find that where Luke Skywalker was a young farmer who has to undertake the hero’s journey, overcoming his mistakes and imperfections to become a Jedi knight; now we find Rey, a young woman who, apparently by the mere fact of being a woman, is shown as perfect, all-powerful and has nothing to learn from anyone, lest they be accused of mansplaining.

As for the coherence of the characters and the universe, it turns out that the Jedi, who were always depicted as celibate ascetics who are forbidden from attachment and romantic relationships, now make their sexuality their main and defining characteristic, with these two non-binary gender transgender Jedis. And the rest of the Jedis, far from being concerned about this clear deviation from the Jedi code, are shown to be concerned is to refer to them with non-binary gendered pronouns that are not offensive to them.

Disney blames Star Wars failure on toxic masculinity

Disney and the woke press, far from being self-critical and trying to listen to their audience, are still bent on pushing their political agenda, and what they do is label critics as toxic fans, implying that if they complain about these inconsistencies, it is because they see their fragile masculinity as wounded.

star wars bob iger disney
Robert “Bob” Iger, chairman of Disney. Source: EFE

The only Star Wars product of the Disney era that has so far been almost unanimously praised by the public is The Mandalorian, which is devoid of the woke culture. Interestingly, attacks on The Mandalorian have come from within Disney.

First, the creators of The High Republic blamed their failure on the success of The Mandalorian; and then Disney decided to fire actress Gina Carano from the series for her conservative political views.

Funny how Disney shows itself to be tolerant, inclusive and diverse: including non-binary transgender fictional characters, and firing real people for not being left-wing.

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