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Stefano Fossa, the Venezuelan Actor Who Succeeds with His Talent in New York

By Julio Blanca

For at least 10 years, Venezuelan actor Stefano Fossa has been based in New York City, where he has dazzled with his talent.

He began his career in Off-Broadway in New York, standing out as one of the emerging Latino talents to follow, according to a press release.

After his work in theater, he made a leap to film with a breakthrough performance at New York Film Festival in 2019.

But, for some time now, his skills have been growing for acting in comedy sketches along with the also Venezuelan comedian Angelo Colina.

Stefano Fossa’s career

About this experience, Stefano Fossa said that”it’s an exciting process to be a part of, as you really need to have a connection with your scene partner. Angelo is a very skilled comedian and always has ideas, especially in the form of sketches, and he has a very specific vision of what he wants. After doing the first one, we instantly clicked and were on the same page from the beginning. Our first sketch went viral in less than a day, reaching twenty thousand views in a matter of hours.”

In this regard, he added: “We started shooting almost every week. The following sketches exploded on social media and we started having meetings with different producers from different platforms. They were all interested in our working method and could identify with what we were publishing. Offering different opportunities to work together with us”.

The work of this duo has caught the attention of platforms and some entertainment company might pick up their content sooner rather than later.

Success with comedy

To continue taking firm steps in the world of entertainment, both Venezuelans launched Latino’s Advice at the beginning of the year and reached a level of views never seen before for a sketch.

The spark of many of these productions is to be carried away by the moment, according to the Venezuelan actor: “Everything is improvised. We come up with a premise and then we make a riff from there.”

“I’m familiar with what Angelo likes in terms of comedy, and we have a similar taste in what’s in our medium. I come into every scene and my priority is to support Angelo’s vision. It may sound corny, but I want to give enough for Angelo to play with and vice versa, if I give him lines where I know he can knock it out of the park, that alone will help me and we’ll have a great product,” he said.

Another success the artist has scored is with ‘Killing Tigers’, his series about Venezuelans in New York, which hit the festival circuit putting Stefano on the map.

“It’s a comedy but it’s also a drama in the sense that we can only feel for the character who is so lost in the city, wherever he goes, he gets into trouble, or is always in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he assured.

About the future, the actor has his vision very clear on what he wants: “I’m finishing the last details of a new play I’ve been working on for a while. Everything stopped because of the pandemic, but now the theater is back and I can’t wait to go back.”

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