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DeSantis Derangement Syndrome? Stephen King Caught Spreading Misinformation About FL Governor

Stephen King difunde información falsa sobre el gobernador DeSantis

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WRITER Stephen King spread misinformation about a bill signed by GOP Governor of FL Ron DeSantis that created a survey on intellectual freedom on college campuses. King tweeted that “DeSantis signs bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with the state.” However, fact-checkers, even on the left, have corroborated that this is a lie.

PolitiFact claimed that “New Florida law doesn’t require university students, faculty and staff to register political views.” On the contrary, it explained that “the law requires an annual assessment of “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” at public colleges and universities.”

The page detailed that “The bill does not address what questions will be asked whether participation is mandatory, or if the responses will be anonymous.” Similarly, the surveys have not been conducted and that they will not be mandatory. “Instead, it will ask whether individuals ‘feel they can express their political viewpoints and opinions in their college classrooms'”, PolitiFact stated.

The misinformation echoed by Stephen King

DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw told the Daily Caller that “partisan hatred” was what led to the spread of the disinformation. “She said the purpose of the legislation was to ensure that no one feels a certain political ideology is being pushed on them in the classroom and to help the state better understand the extent of bias on the state’s college campuses,” that outlet reviewed.

“In fact, that might be a more worthwhile story: how does liberal Twitter get it so wrong, so often? We believe it has a lot to do with blinding partisan hatred that eclipses the facts. No, students and faculty are not required to ‘register their political views.’ This same fake claim was circling the liberal Twittersphere after the bill was signed in 2021. It was debunked then. It has been debunked again, now. (Even liberal fact-checkers had to give it up on this one.)”, Pushaw added.

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