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Tanya Contreras Wheeless: ‘Hispanics Will Give Democrats a Wake-up Call’ in November’

Tanya Contreras, candidata al Congreso por Arizona

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Arizona Republican congressional candidate Tanya Contreras Wheeless says the Democratic Party will get a “wake-up call” from Hispanics in the November midterms.

In an interview for Fox & Friends First, Contreras Wheeless said Democrats have become accustomed to the Latino community “getting in line and voting for them,” but Hispanics are “done with rhetoric, done with the pandering, they want results.”

“[Hispanics] also want to be aligned with a party whose values mirror theirs,” the Latina candidate said. “And that is the Republican Party. We are the party of faith and family, and we’re going to be spreading that message far and wide.”

Contreras Wheeless says she grew up in a community in Arizona where faith and family are “central” values. Democrats are, according to the candidate, “missing the boat” by going against them. In that sense, Democrats send a clear message to Latinos: “we’re not for you.”

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Hispanics are changing the political landscape in the United States. According to recent surveys, the Biden administration has only 19% support from the Latino community, which increasingly prefers GOP candidates.

If victorious in the election, Contreras Wheeless would become the first Latina to represent the state of Arizona in Congress.