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Target Goes Woke, Launches Trans Collection for Kids

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Target is selling transgender clothing for children. According to The Post Millennial, the chain reached an agreement with TomboyX to merchandise the collection. In the photos published by the media, the Pride line can be seen, which includes dresses, miniskirts and baby clothes that read “my first pride.”

There are also garments that help hide body parts, such as breasts, for people who feel that their body does not correspond to their gender.

“Making kids adhere to a conditioned gender binary may suit administrators and marketers, but it under-serves kids. Many kids are gender fluid, gender neutral or non-binary – they don’t fall within the rigid confines of pink or blue,” states the official TomboyX website.

Target and its allies

As reviewed by The Post Millennial, Target also partnered with the organization GLSEN. “Leads the movement in creating affirming, accessible and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. We are proud of 10+ years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission,” Target highlights.

The Post Millennial highlighted that GLSEN “has been funded by Disney for more than 20 years, and is an organization that also pushes LGBTQ+ curriculum into public schools, not just in the US, but globally.”

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