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The Fund for American Studies Launches Program to Promote Principles of Freedom in Guatemala

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TFAS Guatemala is an academic program that offers students the opportunity to explore the political and economic needs of free societies. The first half of the program will be held on the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), one of the leading private universities in Latin America that promotes the ethical, legal and general economic principles of a society in which people are free and responsible people.

“During the second week, students will travel to the historic city of Antigua, which has deep cultural roots and adventure activities nearby, such as climbing the Pacaya volcano,” the program’s official website details.

TFAS Guatemala Applications

Although the program has a cost, it also offers scholarships for those who wish to participate. Applications will be open until May 15. Participants are required to have a good command of English.

“The academic objective of the program is to engage students in a thorough and philosophical examination of government and economics to shed light on the political and economic needs of a free society. Students will receive academic credit from UFM upon successful completion of the program,” the portal assures.

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