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The Best Memes of the Week: Elon Musk and Kanye West Break the Internet

Los mejores memes de la semana: Elon Musk y Kanye West rompen internet"

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Whenever Elon Musk or Kanye West speak, it turns into an event that often generates some of the best memes of the week. This week both have been in the news, sparking a real duel of meme titans.

The best memes of Kanye West and Elon Musk

“Ye” has appeared in public wearing a White Lives Matter T-shirt and has been interviewed by Tucker Carlson. His statements calling BLM a scam and showing his pro-life stance have been too much for the fragile little hearts of leftists who – oh surprise – took offense.

Apparently, one of his concerts was canceled and some of his sponsors are considering breaking their contracts with Kanye, in yet another demonstration of usual progressive tolerance.

Elon has been in the news again for the endless tug-of-war with Twitter for its purchase. If he finally acquires it and carries out the promised reforms to improve freedom of speech on the platform, it will undoubtedly be great news for fans of the best memes.

best kanye memes
Source: Mostly Peaceful Memes
mejores memes orange
Source: The Babylon Bee
mejroes memes elon
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
mejores memes tweet fighter
Source: Dumbass Photoshop
mejores memes moe elon musk
Source: The Right to Bear Memes

The best memes of the week about the LGBT lobby

The witticisms of wokeism have once again penetrated our best memes section this week. Disney and Netflix continue to do their part in their campaign of saturation with LGBT political agenda. Billy Eichner, the director of the movie Bros, made by and for gays, has also joined the most woke Hollywood strategy and has once again blamed the “homophobic weirdos” for the resounding box office failure of his romantic comedy.

Meanwhile, Amazon, with its woke adaptation of The Rings of Power, wants to make a place for itself among the most ideologized entertainment companies.

mejores memes surgery
Source: Jack Posobiec
mejores memes dahmer bros
Source: Jack Posobiec
mejores memes bros
Source: The Daily Wire
mejores memes muerte
Source: Dispropaganda

Other top memes of the week

mejores memes villains
Source: Being Libertarian
mejores memes terminator
Source: Círculo Molinari

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