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The Best Memes of the Week: GO Woke and GO Broke!

Los mejores memes de la semana: ¡Adiós mascarillas!


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The best memes of the week come full of fresh air thanks to the progressive lifting of facemask mandates. Ironically, this is making it hard for progressives to breathe. They are hyperventilating as they see that they can no longer continue to be authoritarian and, to top it off, they are witnessing the crumbling of Netflix and Disney because of their woke agenda.

The best memes and will you miss your face mask?

The end of the mask mandate during flights is revealing much more than the smiles of millions of people who were fed up with restrictions and arbitrary measures. It is also unmasking—paradoxically—those who were delighted to be able to impose their whims on the rest with the excuse of the pandemic, both among legislators and ordinary citizens.

Although the authoritarian measures are beginning to fall, we still cannot breathe easily. The reactions of the left to the news of the removal of masks reaffirm our fear that they will not relinquish the power they have accumulated in recent years.

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“Wearing a mask is your choice. Be a lot cooler if you recognized that two years ago.”
“Mary don’t! Sure we’re no longer mask Nazis, but we can still yell at them over seat belts!”
“Airlines: Rescind mask mandates. Leftists: Oh F*ck! Put it back on!”
mejores memes pasajeros
Airplane passengers. Source: The Daily Wire
Woke teachers while your 1st grader’s at recess.”

The best memes about Disney’s and Netflix’s leftist woke agenda

The efforts of companies like Disney and Netflix to shoehorn the woke ideology into their productions are paying off. In recent months, Disney has seen thousands of users unsubscribe from its services. Similarly, Netflix has presented a lamentable financial result that have caused its stock valuation to plummet.

Fortunately, the “go woke, go broke” maxim is once again true, but it seems they still haven’t learned their lesson. For example, Netflix has just released a series in which a “man” gets pregnant. This is not a sci-fi comedy — in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Junior — but a drama that explores the social injustices to which a pregnant transgender person is subjected. Netflix is already a joke. They seem like a parody caricature of themselves.

mejores memes disney
“When you grow a beer belly but she still loves you.”
“Every Netflix character. Why are you gay?”
“Therapists watching all these kids add pronouns to their bio.”