El idiota de la semana: Fauci

The Idiot of the Week: Dr. Anthony Fauci

El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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El American’s Idiot of the Week award goes to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we have been able to read his emails over the past few months, and we have learned that he has believed for more than a year that we Americans – and the rest of the world – were idiots. Those who still believe Fauci after reading his emails are proving him right.

During the last year we have seen Fauci’s haughty and sinister smile on multiple occasions, sometimes we could even guess it under up to two masks; but above all we could see it when he tried to ridicule Trump, and when he mocked the “conspiracists” who talked about the laboratory virus hypothesis.

After his correspondence came to light, he probably no longer has that smirk he’s had from the beginning of the pandemic. Despite the drama of the situation, we understand that he could not help but laugh. After all, everything was going so well for him so far.

For more than a year, he had the press hounding him and attacking like rabid dogs anyone who dared to question his decisions. They tried to convince us that what was credible was something like a pangolin befriended a bat, and that while they were celebrating their interspecies friendship, right, right, right next to an “ultra-safe” virus research laboratory, a Chinese man made a soup with them and, what a coincidence, that’s how it all started.

To think that the virus could have come out of the Wuhan lab – either accidentally or premeditatedly – was the stuff of crazy Trumpists and ultra-right-wing conspiracists. In order not to be considered a fascist, you had to be a staunch “faucist,” and blindly support all their predicaments.

Meanwhile, anyone who asked reasonable questions aloud about the origin of the coronavirus saw Fauci, the press and Big Tech use Ockham’s razor to cut their vocal cords.

What else has Fauci lied about?

While Fauci had his inbox full of emails explaining that masks and confinements were ineffective, Fauci covered the mouths of anyone who protested. While people wrote to him about effective therapeutic alternatives, Fauci was determined to redouble his commitment to the experimental vaccination strategy. So much so that he wanted even those who had already received two doses of the vaccine to continue to wear two masks by 2022.

The fact that Fauci’s mailing was brimming with truth, while he apparently lied, makes us wonder how much truth and how much lies there were in the mail-in ballot he did so much to promote. If we have learned anything in recent times, it’s that the difference between a conspiracy and the truth is nine months.

Everything points to the fact that making the leap from “respected eminence” to idiot without credibility has been easier for Fauci than for the coronavirus to jump from a bat to humans.

Anthony Fauci, the Idiot of the Week. (Picture: EFE)
  1. He is an outstanding example of a educated idiot and a tragic waste of good oxygen. He will say or do anything to maintain his position with no regard to anyone. In other words he is the perfect partner to witch Pelosi and court jester Biden.

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