The Killers lanza su séptimo disco "Pressure Machine"

The Killers Release Seventh Album, ‘Pressure Machine’

In May 2022, the band will return to the road to perform “Pressure Machine”, “Imploding The Mirage” and all their hits, on a tour starting in the United States

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Las Vegas rock band The Killers today releases its seventh studio album, “Pressure Machine,” a new album based on lead singer Brandon Flowers’ memories of Nephi, Utah, the town where he spent part of his childhood and adolescence.

The album was recorded as a follow-up to “Imploding The Mirage,” the acclaimed project released in 2020 whose promotion “came to a standstill” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flowers says in a statement from Universal.

“I had never had to face silence before. And out of that silence, this record began to blossom,” the vocalist adds.

“Pressure Machine” is a quieter record, a character study of the people who live in Nephi, a town of 5,300, with no traffic lights, and intersperses stories from Flowers’ past, who lived there during his formative years (10-16), with comments from neighbors.

People’s choices and their consequences, regrets, local tragedies and in general life’s battles, including the “opioid epidemic” that plagued them, like other peoples in America, are some of the themes that appear in the songs.

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In May 2022 the band will return to the road to perform “Pressure Machine”, “Imploding The Mirage” and all their hits, on a tour that will begin in the United States, continue in the United Kingdom, go on to Ireland, Germany, Croatia, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Canada and end back in their home country.

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