The Motherlode of all Parallels: The Left in Venezuela and The Democratic Party

If Donald Trump and his team can prove fraud on all levels, it will be the biggest political heist in American history

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Six years ago I did a presentation where I named the parallels between the Venezuelan Left and the American Left. By left of course, I’m talking about the Democrat Party because they implement these ideas.

Some didn’t take me seriously because they thought of Venezuela as a third world despot country. How could the government of Venezuela be remotely similar to America? By similar, I mean only the left-wing party. In Venezuela, it is now exclusively the United Socialist Party of Venezuela or PSUV. It’s founder, Hugo Chavez, waited to establish it in 2007.  His initial talking points before his election in 1998 did not include such rhetoric. My comparison is of the Democratic Party in America and the Socialist Party of Venezuela. I merely compared the policies and tactics used by both Parties.

The first one is the hatred of fossil fuels and their hypocritical concern for the environment. In Venezuela they instituted hydro energy and taxed people who went over their monthly wattage allotment and with propaganda galore, they institutedAhorra throughout the region to urge citizens conserve energy in order to “save” money.  In America, the Democrats would love to tax our wattage consumption and these are the same people that say the oceans are going to overtake us —actually live by the ocean. Democrats want to institute The Green New Deal, which will more than likely include this type of implementation.

The second parallel is gun control legislation under the guise of controlling gun violence. In June of 2012, Hugo Chavez instituted Desarma La Violencia(Disarm the Violence) which was nothing more than a propaganda machine to get citizens to think that owning a gun would somehow lead to their untimely death.  Candlelight vigils often took place on the streets denouncing gun violence. This disarmament campaign was at first voluntary. Gun confiscation came later. We see a similar display of propaganda from the anti-gun lobbyist and Democrat lawmakers after we experience a mass shooting in American. They don’t let a crisis go to waste but instead use it for their benefit.

The Venezuelan regime even unleashed a group of government sanctioned thugs called colectivos to terrorize Patriots who are against the regime and who coincidently no longer have weapons to defend themselves. I know a group that terrorizes Trump voters… and I’m sure you do too! While the mainstream media refuses to say anything about them, they call themselves Antifa. They, in fact, act like fascists themselves but since the media and the Democratic Party cover for them —you’ll never see a headline about this type of violence coming from them.

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At number three, we have Universal healthcare. Ask a Venezuelan if they got to keep their doctor. Better yet ask their doctor if they got to keep their practice. Many of the private healthcare doctors left Venezuela because they could not provide their patients with quality care. Because of this shortage, the Venezuelan government contracted Cuban doctors to help out. The healthcare system collapsed in Venezuela. It caused shortages of medicine, long wait times, unhygienic conditions, and a very high infant mortality rate. In America, if Joe Biden wins this election, he vows to do the same here. He even told the American people in one of the debates that he plans to institute a “public option.” Those of us that know what that means know that it’s a Trojan Horse for a single payer system which will inevitably end up exactly like Venezuela.

I know a thing or two about the targeting of political opponents or critics, which brings us to the fourth parallel. My husband gave a college friend of his more money than was allotted by law. While he admits he shouldn’t have done it, he also wishes that he had been punished using the same criteria. In Venezuela, it is common practice to incarcerate and in some instances make people disappear that are against the regime or even criticize it. 

Most recently here in the US, an enemy list was circulated on CNN for people that supposedly worked or helped Donald Trump during his presidency. This list would be used to shame and even blackball these people so they would never work again. In Venezuela, the Chavez regime came up with a list called Tascon and its program called Maisanta. With this list, they intimidated people that worked for the government and made it impossible for them to fight the discrimination in court.

A fifth parallel is class warfare by encouraging the robbing of Peter to pay Paul and making sure that all the Pauls would vote for them. Promising “free stuff” is something that socialists do in order to make sure that people will vote for them. This is the exact same thing that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did by promising free college and free healthcare. Notice the commonality is offering “free things” of which they don’t themselves own.

At number six is the Indoctrination of school children so that by the time they get to college they are prime for the taking by Marxist professors. Yes, all these students think “socialism” is a good thing because they don’t understand the first thing about it and their professors make sure that they fall into line with their way of thinking.  They are taught that socialism is part of social justice and that capitalism is evil and must be stopped. This of course, as they text their friend on their new iPhone and go over to Starbucks to buy a latte with double shots of espresso.

The motherlode of all the parallels which comes in at number seven is voter fraud. In my last article titled The Tainted Election of 2020, I referred to a study by Paul Jimenez and Manuel Hidalgo where they discovered irregular variations in the electoral roll in the 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum election against Hugo Chavez. Jimmy Carter and his foundation, went to Venezuela and declared it a legal and well-executed election. He called it the best in the world. Not only did Jimmy Carter declare that one a legitimate election but has done so every time there has been a national election in Venezuela. In fact, in the last election of Chavez’s life in 2012, he again declared it legitimate. He posted his findings in a report made in October of 2012 titled Study Mission to the October 7, 2012, Presidential Election in Venezuela that interestingly but not surprising also listed George Soros’ Open Society Foundations taking part in it. 

Like in that report that says these elections were all free and fair, the same players are saying that in America the November election of 2020 was also free of fraud.

In a recent article from The Epoch Times we discovered that Dominion and SmartMatic were both listed as CISA’s (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council. The Council put out a statement on Nov. 12th disputing fraud allegations by the Trump legal team, “saying that the November 3, election was the most secure in American history.”

Something about this, is eerily similar to Jimmy Carter saying that about the Venezuelan elections. I used to think that in Venezuela the manipulation came during the voting process (via their machines) and in America, other types of cheating went on such as voter harvesting, bogus signatures, dead people stolen identities, and so on, but thanks to an excellent article in El American by Orlando Avendano and Emmanuel Alejandro Rondon, we have uncovered that Dominion, which was used in some of the swing states, is in fact linked to Smartmatic.

And it seems that some of the allegations made by the Trump legal team is that these machines were manipulated to give Joe Biden the much needed electoral votes in order to win the election. This voter fraud parallel was confirmed in 2012 when I witnessed for myself as a poll watcher in a Texas county that Democrats cheat to win in elections that they think will be close. So I was not the least bit shocked at what has happened in this very important and crucial election. If Donald Trump and his team can prove fraud on all levels, it will be the biggest political heist in American history.

The one thing I’m certain of is that I can’t list any of these parallels with Scandinavia!

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