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The Parallel Universe of the USA Election

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Some Americans feel like they are living in a parallel universe of sorts. In one universe, if you are a Democrat, the mainstream media or an establishment Republican, you think that Joe Biden won. In the other universe, of which I am a part of, you think this election was stolen from Donald J. Trump. From a distance, you may think that it’s just a matter of two very polarized groups of people that won’t accept the results if their candidate didn’t win. However, that is not what is happening here. 

This goes beyond not accepting an election result. This goes beyond even liking the candidate. This is about living in parallel universes where one group of people see and understand that the other candidate used a pandemic to cheat on a mass scale and in the other universe, the candidate and all its cheerleaders don’t address or acknowledge the issue. The anomaly is the highest court in the land, the United States Supreme Court, siding with that camp.

In the evening of the election, the vote count stopped in all the key swing states. Originally, Trump was leading decisively but then in the middle of the night, all these vote totals switched in Biden’s favor. According to an Epoch Times interview by Jan Jekielek with Sidney Powell, she says one of their experts told her that Dominion fraud was 5 percent higher votes for Biden across the board everywhere there was a Dominion machine running. This was also true for the other Democrats that were running on the tickets in those same states. She acknowledges that these companies are owned and run by people put in place by the late Hugo Chavez. She claims that this was his dirty money and Cuba’s to ensure that every election was won.

In my las El American interview with Maria Corina Machado, she takes us to the time when this originated.  Sidney Powell lives in the universe where cheating on a mass scale is not a made-up occurrence. Like in Venezuela, the fraud is well hidden and if you talk about it, you are ridiculed and made to look like a conspiracy theorist. Powell told Jelielek that the Supreme Court decision not to take the Texas case would have no effect on her lawsuits that she’s bringing before the court. She will present Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona and those plaintiffs are electors who have constitutional standing. She wants the SCOTUS to address the merits of their case.

Many Republican leaders and virtually the entire Republican base agrees that this was a sham of an election and that the electors should not concede and neither should Trump. Also interesting is that the House of Representatives and the Senate has the authority to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions on January 6th if some Republican legislators think that some of these states didn’t really elect Biden, but rather put him over the top fraudulently. They will vote to reject. Given that we don’t have the House, and there are too many RINOs (Republican in Name Only), I can’t see this going favorably for Trump.

Recently, The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said that the College vote is just one step in the Constitutional Process and that Trump was not finished. She defended Trump by saying that pursuing legitimate litigation through the judicial system is in no way assaulting democracy. She went on to say that the assault on democracy was how Trump was treated by the Democrats the 4 years he’s been in office. 

This is the one side of the parallel universe that the other doesn’t acknowledge. This is the side that will be fractured and made to feel as though they are screaming in a padded room with no rescue in sight. This is what makes people not want to participate in elections. This is why Venezuelans stopped participating. They simply said: why bother, we know who is going to win.

Then there is the media, the Democrats and the establishment Republicans celebrating Biden’s win and touting a first woman VP. Most recently joining that universe is Senator Mitch McConnell who said “the Electoral College has spoken and today, I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.” It seems that he was the last straw to cave. If you read The New York Times, the Washington Post or turn on your television, you are partaking in that universe —the one where Joe Biden won and no fraud is present. Most recently, Dominion’s CEO, John Poulos, told the Michigan Legislature that there was no way their machine could be manipulated in contrast to what experts found to be the case. 

So there you go, no fraud by Dominion, no fraud by the dead people casting votes, no fraud by people who voted several times, no fraud by running the same card over and over again, no fraud, nothing to see here, go away! That is what the Democrats want us all to do. They want us to live in their world even if they have to force us to do it.

In the movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the character Randle McMurphy, played by Jack Nicholson, eerily embarks in a power struggle with a tyrannical nurse named Ratched who in the end loses her power but not before having McMurphy lobotomized for attacking her. McMurphy’s real crime was that he refused to live in nurse Ratched’s universe, one that dubbed him insane, even though he knew he was not. Nurse Ratched too knew the truth about McMurphy but even so, she was professionally committed to upholding her parallel universe. Like Randle McMurphy, many of us feel like we too are living in a parallel universe.

For the sake of the United States of America, I pray our fate isn’t met with a political lobotomy as it did in Venezuela where Nicolas Maduro “won” his election… again.

Debbie, Venezuelan, is a writer, singer, director, executive producer, and an advocate for freedom. She writes a weekly op-ed for El American. During the Obama years, Debbie was active in her community and served as president of a local TFRW Club //
Debbie, venezolana, es escritora, cantante, directora, productora ejecutiva y defensora de la libertad. Escribe un artículo de opinión semanal para El American. Durante los años de Obama, Debbie estuvo activa en su comunidad y se desempeñó como presidenta del Club TFRW

23 thoughts on “The Parallel Universe of the USA Election”

    1. This is where we are. We must not give in. Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama only needs one patriotic Senator to stand with him on January 6 to reject/contest the Electoral vote! Reach out to your patriotic Senator to help!

  1. This is an excellent article. Thank you for sharing it.
    It is very sad that our election was compromised, especially if nothing can be done to make it right. I am still hoping that Donald J. Trump will be our President for four more years.

  2. They are behaving the same way an alcoholic behaves. They develop their own internal story, build their view of the world. Anyone who questions that world is attacked. Others on the outside would rather not be involved or tries to “keep the peace”. “Oh, just get along,” they’ll say. But things get more and more convoluted and the same one who questions the alcoholic feels crazy because no one will talk about the elephant in the room. I can’t say the story ends well for anyone.

  3. Excellent summary of our dilemma. Indeed. The Deep State is very deep, through 8 years of subtle subversion of our conservative voice. Its tentacles reached far and wide.

  4. Amen! Exactly how so many millions of Americans feel at the moment! When is this constant Media barrage of disinformation and stonewalling the truth going to stop! The left wingnuts are so steadfast in their alternate universe of complete hypocrisy, as they continue to do what they claim, blame and accuse the Republicans of. It’s mind boggling at the least! And very Frustrating!

  5. I agree 200%. I feel the media and the Democrats are gaslighting us. What can be done when the media, big tech, corporations, Rinos, and educators are all trying to marginalize our values and alter our ability to live in the America we love. My relatives do not see any of the good President Trump did for this country or how they stole the election from us. What can be done? I feel only succession offers any hope. They will change every law and make it easier for them to cheat and we will lose America forever. I feel so hopeless!

  6. It’s so sad and scary that this is the USA! I can only continue to pray that the Truth will be known one of these days. Hope it’s not too late. Thank you for speaking out for freedom!

  7. You are absolutely correct Debbie! Americans have lost faith in our electoral process, knowing very well, it is and has been fraudulent for decades! Your history entitles you the abilities to make informed and educated assessments, knowing that living in the greatest country of the world is a gift, a gift you and Dinesh appreciate. Perfectly immigrated to the United States of America your knowledge and love for this country along with your contributions are a gift to the American people; however, it seems your voices of experience and expertise are silenced amid the evil leftist deep state establishment. The realization of how deeply ingrained their corruption is grieves my heart to the core, all the way to the Supreme Court RINO’S, so willing to sell out America for the globalist agenda! The chosen ignorance of some is infuriating. Americans are perfectly aware, including the left who planned the steal, that Donald J Trump won this election by a landslide! They boldly proclaim Biden’s win while making a mockery out of the republican establishment. Americans are appalled at the bowing down of our Republican Representatives who are so willing to let the steal happen! Not only do they need to grow a set, they need to realize America’s blood IS boiling! Mitch McConnell is a traitor! Amy Comey Barrett, another one? What in the world is she thinking? Maybe that she will be an important part of Biblical history by pushing Revelation’s timeline. Newsflash, we are already there! There is fury in the land of all America who’s people lay In bed at night awake, to rise up each morning with the knowledge that if the criminal minded Biden family steps into the Oval Office, Biden will sell out and America will be no more. The people who fought and died for The land of the free and home of the brave will not stand idly by while China or any other foreign or domestic enemy tries to destroy America. There will be war in the land. My prayer is that President Trump uses whatever measures available to fight and protect America from the treasonous foreign and domestic attacks on our republic.

  8. I appreciate your view. I feel the same way. The night of the election Pres Trump was up by 600k votes in Florida which had 95% reported. But they didn’t call the vote, which was very peculiar. The following morning I realized what was happening, the fix was in. It’s sickening. But I am still hoping for a miracle.

    1. The discouragement is enormous, I need hope. Part of me wonders if keeping the fraud under wraps would have been better for the people. Patriots are pissed and are ready to shed blood. Scary times!

  9. This is an excellent article which presents the best reasoning for what we’re experiencing I’ve seen. President Trump is a true fighter but unfortunately there are very few people in power willing to support him. I live in the world that can’t avoid see the fraud and just can’t tolerate the milk toast response of let’s just move on. I pray for our country.

  10. This is also my experience, and frankly I’m tired of living in a bad twilight zone episode. Praying that the Lord has mercy on our country. Thanks for the article.

  11. Cheer up Debbie! I hsvd news for you! To Debbie and Dinish: may I correct Debbie here: she wrote > Also interesting is that the House of Representatives and the Senate has the authority to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions on January 6th if some Republican legislators think that some of these states didn’t really elect Biden, but rather put him over the top fraudulently. They will vote to reject. Given that we don’t have the House, and there are too many RINOs (Republican in Name Only), I can’t see this going favorably for Trump.< Debbie may not be aware that should there be an objecting congressman joined by a Senator then Trump has a chance! There is such a thing called state delegation! At present there are more Republicans holding the state delegations; therefore Trump wins!

  12. I don’t think the Democrats believe Joe Biden won fairly. I believe they understand the election was fraudulent and they are OK with that. In fact, I believe they are happy with that.

  13. Me identifico con cada palabra, primera vez que leo a Debbie D’Souza, (un regalo), incluso la imagen del articulo dice mucho. Cuando discutía con un democráta sobre las ventajas de Trump en la presidencia, de inmediato me atacaba con fiereza, intentaba aliarse con su familia para emboscar con sus argumentos y tal como una jauría acorralada cada setencia que en mi caso podía ‘elevar’. La intensidad fue subiendo, al final cada quien ‘sabe’ que tiene la razón en nuestras mundos paralelos, jamás tendremos un punto de coincidencia, ni una visión tangencial, solo se pudo llegar a la conclusión de la vacuidad que emana cada uno. Lamentable que el objetivo de quienes manejan los hilos de la sociedad puedan contantemente avanzar, y nada los detiene hasta ahora

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