Idiot of the Week: Twitter

The same Twitter that a few months ago blocked the New York Post’s account because of its investigative journalistic work on Hunter Biden’s murky adventures.

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Many speak of the potential of artificial intelligence and how in the not-too-distant future we could be governed by wise and infallible algorithms. If we consider the current political wheeling and dealing by Big Tech, led by Twitter, as a beta version of the ruling artificial intelligence of this technocracy, then one could argue that this artificial intelligence is showing signs of suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Despite championing themselves as promoters of free expression, Twitter censors more than practically any other company. The same Twitter that a few months ago blocked the New York Post‘s account because of its investigative journalistic work on Hunter Biden‘s murky adventures, today complains about rumors that the Ugandan government is considering blocking social networks in the country.

The same Twitter that five years ago boasted about defending “freedom of expression,” “speaking truth to power,” and “empowering dialogue,” a few days ago, to the delight of the established power, closed the account of President Trump and thousands of his followers, preventing any kind of dialogue or conversation, imposing de facto a single official truth.

Twitter has not only closed Trump’s account and those of many of his followers -which it is constitutionally within in its rights to do-, but has also spearheaded, along with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other companies, the total suppression of Parler, a platform that threatened to overshadow them and dispute their power.

Twitter has become the spearhead of an army of technological censors who have launched an unbridled inquisitorial witch-hunt, typical of a crazy dystopia in a futuristic movie. And they’ve done so while shouting that Trump and his followers are dangerous madmen with an inordinate thirst for power. The artificial intelligence that they promised us, before we became aware of it, has already gone mad. No doubt, Twitter is this week’s fool.

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