"Terrorismo asesino": Segundo ataque en dos días deja 5 muertos en Israel

Three Attacks in One Week Leave 11 Killed in Israel

The official Twitter account of the State of Israel explained that a subject with an assault rifle opened fire on civilians

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This Tuesday, five people were killed in a shooting in the city of Bnei Brak, Israel. This is the second attack in two days and the third in just one week. The tragedy was confirmed by the Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, who described the events as “a wave of murderous Arab terrorism.”

The situation follows the attack two days ago in which two policemen were killed. Last Tuesday there was also a similar event, which resulted in the death of four civilians. In three weeks, a total of 11 murders of Israeli citizens by terrorist groups have been recorded.

“My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones tonight, and I pray for the well-being of the wounded,” the prime minister wrote on his Twitter account while detailing that the authorities are continuing to carry out their security duties.

“We will fight terror with perseverance, obstinacy, and an iron fist. They will not move us from here. We will win,” Bennett said.

Images of the moment in which the attack is recorded were shared on social networks. The official Twitter account of the State of Israel explained that a subject with an assault rifle opened fire on civilians on a street in the city, located in central Israel. “He then continued to another street and fired at other civilians before being finished off.”

Netanyahu: Israel “must act with determination”

According to the EFE news agency, the attacker was a 26-year-old Palestinian from the northern occupied West Bank. It indicated that in the past, the subject served a six-month sentence in Israel for security offenses.

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The media also reported that “in Gaza, the Islamist group Hamas celebrated the attack, although it did not claim responsibility for it. According to [the organization], this was a natural response to the crimes of the occupation committed against the Palestinian people.”

The attack was welcomed by a number of voices. For example, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with Naftali Bennett and stressed that this is a situation that had not been experienced for years. He further stated that “we must act with determination to restore peace and security for the citizens of Israel.”

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