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Tie Between Bolsonaro and Lula, According to The Economist’s Latest Poll Aggregator

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The Economist published on Tuesday a poll aggregator claiming that there is a technical tie between Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro a few weeks before the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil.

The Economist’s poll gives a 50% tie for Bolsonaro and Lula in the second round on October 30. The information is known a few days after the first presidential round in which Da Silva obtained 48 % of the votes, while the current president Jair Bolsonaro obtained 43 %.

Bolsonaro’s growth in the polls

Semana recalled that the pollster Ipec published last Wednesday another survey that placed the socialist Lula da Silva, 76 years old, with 55% and the current president, 67 years old, with 45%.

“Another poll by the Datafolha Institute, revealed last Friday, showed Lula ahead in the runoff with 53% of the valid votes against 47% for Bolsonaro,” reported Semana.

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