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Tight Midterms: Control of Senate and House Still Undecided

Midterms ajustadas: control de Senado y Cámara aún no se define, EFE

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Control of the Senate and the House of Representatives is still to be known and is likely to remain so for the next few days, after a very tight midterm election in which the Democratic Party did not perform as badly as expected, and the red wave the GOP was hoping for never happened.

In the Senate, according to projections, Republicans appear with a slight lead of 48 seats to the Democrats’ 47, but four races remain to be decided: Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Alaska.

According to media projections, Alaska and Nevada are set to be won by the GOP, Arizona is set to be won by the Democratic Party, and Georgia is set to go to a runoff.

Thus, if these results are confirmed once the election results are confirmed, the Republican Party would not win the majority in the Upper House and Americans would have to wait for the results of the runoff in Georgia to see if Joe Biden’s party loses the majority in the Senate, which it now holds thanks to the tie-breaking vote of VP Kamala Harris.

As for the lower house, the House of Representatives, it is not yet known which party will control it for the next two years.

According to major media projections, Republicans have secured 198 seats to 175 for the Democrats, but both are still far short of the 218 needed to secure a majority.

Although days, or even weeks, are still to go before we have a complete picture of the composition of Congress for the next two years, one of the certainties of election night is that the predicted Republican wave did not come.

In addition, in the gubernatorial elections, the Democratic Party has managed to wrest two governorships from the Republican Party, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Although both states are progressive-leaning, they had been governed by Republicans for the last few years, and will now return to Democratic control.

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