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Senator Tim Scott Slams Biden: “America Is Not a Racist Country”

Senador Tim Scott responde a Biden: "Estados Unidos no es un país racista"


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Republican Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said on Wednesday that “America is not a racist country,” in his response to President Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress.

“When America comes together, we make tremendous strides, but powerful forces want to tear us apart,” Scott said, minutes after Biden finished his first address to both houses of Congress.

The president outlined his government policies on Wednesday, on the eve of his 100th day in office.

Scott recalled that a hundred years ago children learned in school that the color of their skin was their most important characteristic and that their appearance was a way to determine that they were inferior.

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He noted that if the same thing is happening today, it is because “there are people making money and gaining power by pretending there has been no progress at all and redoubling divisions,” referring to the segregation policies pushed by the Democratic Party.

American is not racist, said Sen. Tim Scott

“Hear me clearly, America is not a racist country.”

Healso criticized the $1.9 trillion economic bailout pushed by Biden and passed in Congress in March without a single Republican vote.

Tim Scott called that bill “partisan” and accused the administration of having separated Americans.

He also accused the President of reneging on his promise to unite the nation and govern for all Americans.