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Top 5 Super Bowl LVI Ads

Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one of the most televised events in the world. The Rams’ victory was watched by more than 117 million people and the firm Micronomics estimates that around 43 million interactions were generated on social networks during the show.

Any brand would be willing to advertise in the most-watched event in the country, however, not just anyone can do it, since the price of a 30-second ad in the Super Bowl is around $7 million.

If a brand has the money and is willing to advertise in the Super Bowl, with this bill it has all the incentives to make its ad unforgettable. For this reason, the Super Bowl, apart from being remembered as one of the biggest sporting events in America, is also known for having the most hilarious commercials that television has ever produced. In El American we show you five of the best Super Bowl LVI commercials.

BMW gave us Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger personifying the gods of Olympus

A melancholic Zeus personified by Arnold Schwarzenegger along with a beautiful Hera played by Salma Hayek decide to retire to Palm Springs, California. The god of lightning finds it hard to reconcile his retirement and has to deal with the problems of his neighbors who demand more and more energy from him (literally.)

The electricity provided by Zeus also serves to power a brand new BMW IX, announcing to the public that Tesla has a new competitor in the market with the power of the gods — or at least of BMW.

The United States is the Rome of the 21st Century but with avocados from Mexico

Americanized Romans learn outside the Colosseum that their hero, the epic Maximus, died in battle. In a bold commercial by Avocados From Mexico, an interesting parallel is drawn between the opulence of Roman and American society.

Just as the spices brought from Asia were used to flavor the banquets of the Caesars as they watched the games in their exclusive boxes in the Colosseum, today the avocado brought from Mexico has become indispensable to accompany the snacks that millions of Americans enjoy while watching 22 “modern gladiators” dueling in the Super Bowl.

What if Alexa could read your mind?

How far do the limits of technology go? It’s a question we all ask ourselves, and it’s also asked by Amazon in its Super Bowl commercial where it teases Alexa. It’s a dystopian reality where the voice-controlled virtual assistant can also read your mind and reveal your most painful secrets to friends and family.

The Super Bowl shouted: Buy the dip

Buy during the dip, or buy the dip, is the slogan that thousands of cryptocurrency fans repeat daily. The phrase came to the forefront during the halftime commercials.

From Coinbase to Binance advertised in the gigantic sporting event, but the award for the best cryptocurrency commercial goes to Bitbuy, with a Kyle Lowry — who has missed more than 6,000 free throws, just like you, who has failed to buy on the dip.

Super Bowl LVI will also go down in history for being the first in which cryptocurrency companies ran commercials.

Doctor EV-il wants to overtake climate change as the main threat to humanity

Elon Musk has new competition for the role of evil genius in charge of an electric car company, as Doctor EV-il — Austin Powell’s nemesis — has taken over the largest American automaker, GM.

Along with his Mini-me, the pathetic Scott, and his slimy minions, Dr. EV-il wants to once again become the main threat to humanity and end climate change, announcing that GM already has its new fleet of electric vehicles on the road.

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