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Trudeau Has Demonized Those Who Want Their Lives Back: Conservative MP Michael Cooper

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For at least three weeks, Canada has been facing protests by truckers calling for an end to the vaccination mandate pushed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To analyze the situation, Anna Paulina Luna, chief correspondent of El American, interviews Michael Cooper, a Canadian Conservative MP.

The legislator said that the demonstrations are a fight for life. He also indicated that the Conservative Party is working to hold the Prime Minister accountable. He explained that from his party they have established discussions with the Government to achieve a plan for lifting the restrictions, but it has not been possible to achieve that.

“There is a simple solution,” says Michael Cooper

In addition, the parliamentarian said that the Prime Minister “has used hateful language to criticize Canadians”. Cooper explained that the governments of different states have been listening to the clamor of citizens and some are considering lifting the restrictions. However, he assured that Trudeau refuses to listen to Canadians.

Finally, he stressed that the situation could have been avoided and urged the government to lift the mandatory vaccinations so that truckers can return to work. “This is a crisis created by Justin Trudeau. There is a simple solution: to immediately lift these discriminatory and punitive vaccine mandates so truckers can return to work,” he said.

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