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Should Dr. Oz Declare Victory in PA Senate Primary? Trump Says Yes

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Former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) on Wednesday urged Mehmet Oz, his candidate in the Republican primary for one of Pennsylvania’s Senate seats, to declare victory on a statement in Truth Socia.

Oz, a television celebrity known for his program The Dr. Oz Show, faced off in the GOP primary against businessman David McCormick.

No media has declared a winner in the race, although Oz leads by about 1,700 votes of the 1.3 million already counted, according to The Washington Post.

Thousands of ballots remain to be counted, including some 22,000 that were received by mail.

If the current situation holds and the winning candidate’s margin of victory is less than 0.5%, the loser’s campaign will have the right under Pennsylvania state law to request a recount.

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Both Dr. Oz and McCormick addressed their supporters Tuesday night and asked them to wait for the official results.

The Republican candidate who wins that primary will face John Fetterman, a six-foot-tall Democrat with tattooed arms.

That election for one of Pennsylvania’s two Senate seats will be one of the most important in the Nov. 8 elections, in which Democrats will defend their narrow minorities in both houses of Congress.

In all, five states held primaries on Tuesday: Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.