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Donald Trump Launches A Communications Platform In Response to Big Tech Censorship

Trump Launches Personal Website - El American

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This Tuesday, former President Trump launched a communications platform. It is his own digital platform with the aim of communicating with his followers, more than three months after being banned or temporarily suspended from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It’s called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump and for the moment, it works from the official page of the former president. It shows videos of the former president, statements, other news and allows contributions to be made.

Likewise, the platform explains that Save America, the phrase used by Trump after losing the election, aims to inform about the achievements made by his government and to support conservatives.

Among the commitments defended and proposed by its platform is the defense of innocent lives and Judeo-Christian values. Users can sign up to receive notifications when Trump sends a message from the new platform.

Likewise, although there is no mechanism for responding to the former president’s publications, it is possible to “like” and share the information through his social network accounts. The website indicates that the platform is managed by Nucleus, a digital company created by Brad Pascale, Trump’s former campaign manager.

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Former President Donald J. Trump (Image: EFE)

Why did Trump launch a platform?

Since leaving the presidency, Trump has been censored by Big Tech. In March, the former president’s family denounced Facebook’s censorship of an interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.

In the notification they received from Facebook, it is reported that the accounts that publish content of the former president could have other limitations. Eric Trump said that it is a disgusting fact: “This is so horrible, what is our country becoming?

In April, Fox News had already reported that the former president and several Republican candidates would be using Campaign Nucleus. They claimed the decision was made to protect conservatives from the cancellation culture.