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Trump Reportedly Preparing to Issue 100 Pardons

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President Donald Trump plans to issue about 100 pardons and commutations of sentences on his last day in office, January 20, according to reports.

The White House, which remains under Trump’s control, held a meeting this Sunday to draw up this list of pardons.

Initially, two lists of pardoned people were ready to be released, one at the end of last week and the other on Tuesday.

Now, officials hope that Sunday’s list will be the final one, unless Trump decides at the last minute to grant further clemency.

The last batch of cpardons is expected to include a combination of pardons aimed at criminal justice reform.

These pardons will be likely be Trump’s final act before he leaves the White House and hand it over to Democrat Joe Biden.

According to Fox News, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will not be on the list of pardons, while rapper Lil Wayne is likely to receive one. There is also no information at the moment about the situation of Edward Snowden, one of the most popular choices among Trump supporters.

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