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Trump Bans Entry to the U.S. of Foreigners Linked to Antifa


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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, decreed the “inadmissibility” to enter the country of the foreigners linked to Antifa, a violent far-left group that the authorities have described as a criminal organization.

“One of the fundamental purposes of our government is to protect the security of our citizens,” the president said in a message to the secretaries of state, justice and national security, which was published last night.

“In order to create peaceful and prosperous communities, federal immigration law ensures that immigration benefits can be granted only to those individuals who comply with the laws governing all U.S. citizens,” he added.

The law, said the governor in his message, “considers inadmissible aliens who engage, or are likely to engage, in terrorist activity, and those aliens who seek to enter the United States to engage in illegal activity.

Trump added, “reliable reports suggest that the movement known as Antifa is responsible, directly or indirectly, for some crimes in our communities and has exploited tragedies to promote a radical, leftist, anarchist and often violent agenda.”

The message cites riots since 2017 in which individuals who identify themselves as Antifa supporters have attacked other protesters, journalists, public buildings and police officers.

Trump ordered the departments of Homeland Security, State, and Justice to evaluate whether to classify Antifa as a terrorist organization and its members as affiliated with a criminal organization.

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