Twitter Censored Damning Exposé on BLM Founder’s $1.4 Million House Buying Spree

The $1.4 million home is located in a highly-secluded, mostly-white neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA.

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Twitter censored sports journalist Jason Whitlock’s account after he shared information a post showing that BLM founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors bought a $1.4 million home last month in Topanga Canyon, a secluded area of Los Angeles, where the black population is reportedly less than 2%.

“Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a 1.4% black population. She’s with her people!” wrote Whitlock on Twitter. However, Twitter censored the tweet and locked Whitlock’s account, according to screenshots.

The controversy around BLM founder

The Federalist reviewed that the story about Khan-Cullors is far from private, given that she is a public figure, the buying-spree has been reported by many media outlets and the controversy has even prompted calls for an independent investigation into BLM’s global finances.

According to the media, the million-dollar purchase of Khan-Cullors’ new home and other previous acquisitions are causing surprise, mainly because BLM supporters are questioning the destination of the organization’s resources.

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