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Twitter Seeks to Censor FL Surgeon General for Telling the Truth: Vaccines are a Risk

Twitter pretende censurar al cirujano general de Florida por decir la verdad: las vacunas generan riesgo, EFE

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After intense and rigorous research, Florida surgeon general Joseph A. Ladapo, M.D., issued a statement advising against the COVID-19 vaccine for men between the ages of 18 and 39.

According to Ladapo, head of the Florida Department of Health, the study he conducted led him to conclude that there is “an 84% increased risk of heart-related death among men aged 18-39 years within 28 days after mRNA vaccination.”

The study’s conclusions coincide with reports that have surfaced in recent months and with the stance adopted by some countries, such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden, regarding vaccination. All these Scandinavian countries agreed that the vaccine is causing health risks to young people.

Ladapo, who used to support vaccination, now speaks out against it based on evidence. For doing his job, and for saying what everyone should care about, Twitter reacted by censoring him.

Even though Dr. Ladapo’s positions could be subjected to debate and public consideration, his contribution to the discussion is fundamental. Ladapo is an experienced and highly prestigious physician, whose analysis should provoke deep reflections. However, Twitter, as the ruler of debate spaces, decided to take him out of the game, a sign of the innate authoritarianism of these platforms.

Tweeting about his recommendations, Dr. Ladapo said: “Florida will not be silenced for telling the truth.” And hopefully no one will be silenced for telling the truth. Let’s hope Elon Musk succeeds in changing that.

Orlando Avendaño is the co-editor-in-chief of El American. He is a Venezuelan journalist and has studies in the History of Venezuela. He is the author of the book Days of submission // Orlando Avendaño es el co-editor en Jefe de El American. Es periodista venezolano y cuenta con estudios en Historia de Venezuela. Es autor del libro Días de sumisión.

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