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Twitter Suspends Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe Account After CNN Exposé

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Twitter suspended Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s account on Thursday after he published a CNN exposé with a series of videos in which a CNN worker acknowledged that they fabricated information to affect the campaign of former President Donald Trump. The videos became trending on the platform with the hashtag #ExposeCNN.

CNN exposé - El American
Twitter suspended James O’Keefe’s account after CNN exposé

The company did not detail the reasons for O’Keefe’s suspension. This is not the first time it has decided to censor conservatives. In fact, former President Trump lost his account with more than 75 million followers, because Twitter decided to suspend him permanently.

The decision to suspend the then-president was criticized by conservatives. The former president’s eldest son warned at the time that democracy was in danger because of Big Tech’s decision. “Freedom of speech is dead and controlled by leftist overlords,” he wrote.

But the measure was not only rejected at the time by the family and supporters of the Republican, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) warned that allowing this type of action to pass would allow control over the personal statements of citizens.

“The measures adopted by the platforms could lead to an unbridled legislative race to regulate freedom of expression in the digital area,” the IAPA said in a statement.

The CNN exposé behind the suspension

A CNN worker confessed in a video that was secretly recorded and disseminated mainly by Veritas, that the channel made propaganda to affect former President Donald Trump in the elections. It is Charlie Chester, who celebrated that they managed to prevent the reelection of Trump.

“Look what we did, we took Trump out. I’m going to say it 100 percent, and I believe 100 percent that, if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know if Trump would have been taken out,” Chester said in the video.

Twitter suspendió la cuenta luego de que publicara los videos del trabajador de CNN (Wikipedia)
Twitter suspended Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe’s account after he published a CNN exposé (Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, James O’Keefe had claimed that Chester is a technical director of the channel. He detailed that the worker was recorded during a fake Tinder date. Similarly, CNN’s technical director explained that they invented news sources to speculate about Trump’s health.

“That Trump’s hand was shaking or whatever. We brought in so many doctors to tell a story that was all speculation: that he was neurologically damaged and not fit to be there. We were creating a story that we knew nothing about,” he said.