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Two Million Mexicans Have Traveled to U.S. to Receive COVID Vaccine

Dos millones de mexicanos han viajado a USA para recibir vacuna contra la covid-19

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An estimated two million Mexicans have traveled to the United States in recent months to be vaccinated against covid-19, said on Thursday the undersecretary of Health and Mexican government strategist for the pandemic, Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

“We do not have a direct estimate, but some approximations have considered that this could reach up to two million Mexicans vaccinated in the United States,” said the official at the daily conference of the technical report on the disease.

He recalled that there is a population that moves along the border strip “and it is likely that this is the largest group of people who have been vaccinated.”

In addition, he explained that there are “other very specific, very small groups in urban areas, especially people with economic resources in Mexico City and in some of the cities of the country who have taken the plane, go, get vaccinated and come back.”

He even said that “there are commercial packages that offer this situation and charge between 14,000 and 15,000 pesos (between 700 and 750 dollars) for the whole process and there are people who have opted for it.”

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Although difficult to quantify, since the states of Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana, in the United States, started immunization in April without restrictions or registration of the migratory status of the patients, there is a clear flow of Mexicans traveling to the United States to be vaccinated against covid.

According to health authorities, as of this Thursday, 28,506,527 doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Mexico and a total of 12,071,010 people have received the necessary doses to complete the vaccination schedule.

The vaccination program currently includes adults over 60 years of age, adults between 50 and 59 years of age, pregnant women, medical personnel and educational personnel.

As of Firday, Mexico has recorded 222,657 deaths and 2,405,772 cases of coronavirus.