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U.S. Faces The Worst Border Crisis in Over 20 Years, DHS Secretary Says

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed the Biden administration is making progress in handling the crisis. On the other hand, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the border crisis a “human heartbreak.”

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The United States is heading towards the largest surge of unlawful migrants at the southwest border with Mexico in 20 years, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. Mayorkas said on Tuesday the Biden administration is deporting most of the adults and large family groups.

“We are not expelling minors who arrive unaccompanied by their parents,” the official added in a written statement.

“Poverty, high levels of violence and corruption in Mexico and in the Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) have pushed migration to our southwest border for years,” he added.

Mayorkas said these conditions have continued to deteriorate and “two hurricanes that hit Honduras and crossed the region have made living conditions even worse, causing more children and families to flee.”

The situation on the border “is difficult… and we are working tirelessly to manage it,” he said. “It is our task. We are making progress and executing our plan.”

However, Mayorkas’ statements on the immigration policies implemented by the Biden administration seem to go against the discourse of the President himself, and also of his Vice President Kamala Harris, who have encouraged uncontrolled illegal migration, which in turn has caused the immigration crisis that is being experienced today at the southern border of the country. This has also been denounced by members of the Republican Party.

A delegation led by the head of the Republican minority in the U.S. House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, traveled to El Paso, Texas, to denounce the immigration policies that have resulted from the change of government.

“It’s more than a crisis, this is a human heartbreak,” McCarthy said at a press conference, blaming the Democratic administration for the increase of immigrants at the border with Mexico.

“The crisis is created by the presidential policies of this new administration,” McCarthy said after visiting the Border Patrol Processing Center.

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